Earn 2 free FarmVille Farm Cash through Bing Rewards Survey

Over the past few months, Bing and Zynga have displayed quite the partnership when it comes to free Farm Cash promotions in FarmVille. This week is no different, as we see the launch of not one, but two new Bing Rewards promotions that will allow you to earn 32 Farm Cash in total.

Earlier today, we brought you the details on how to earn 30 free Farm Cash for signing up for the Bing Rewards program and installing a free toolbar, and now you can follow that up by taking a quick survey, also sponsored by Bing Rewards, that will grant you with 2 additional Farm Cash, absolutely free.

This promotion can be launched by clicking on the Sponsored Link [pictured] underneath the FarmVille gameplay area. From there, you'll have to answer a few quick survey questions, asking you to choose which reward you might choose from a general farming theme, asking you what makes your farm so great, and what you'll spend your free Farm Cash and Bing Rewards on. Simple questions that can be answered in any way you'd like.

Those out of the way, you'll be given your two free Farm Cash, and you'll be able to close this new window to see your Farm Cash total automatically update to reflect your reward. If it doesn't, a simple refresh of the game's page will do the trick.

And there you have it! Two quick Farm Cash from Bing. If these promotions are any indication of things to come, I say bring it on, Bing!

What will you do with your free Farm Cash? Let us know in the comments.
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