Babies Everywhere on Facebook: If only raising a real-life baby was this easy

babies everywhere on facebook

It's one thing to take care of adorable virtual animals, but what happens when you replace a furry, four-legged critter with a ... baby? If the new Facebook game Babies Everywhere is any indication, then you get a game that's plenty cute, but somehow still manages to feel like work. Seems hard to imagine ladies playing this to relax and escape from it all when they might, in fact, be spending their days tending to a real-life baby. (Then again, maybe that's just me.)
babies everywhere on facebook

In this baby sim game from Sixits, the goal is to custom create your own little nugget, name it and then teach it the ways of the world. You do this by teaching it to crawl and then to talk, etc by playing with a variety of toys available in the in-game store. Each toy can only be played with once in a certain amount of time, so you'll have to wait to play again. You'll also be tasked with keeping the nursery tidy, and every time you log into the game, there will be something that needs to be cleaned or straightened.

Every action in the game requires energy and once completed, yields you some type of reward, whether its cash (used to buy items in the store), hearts (used to build toys), food (used to buy more energy) and "smiles" (yes, smiles), experience points which level up your baby. As you reach higher levels, you will have access to more furniture, clothes and toys for your little tot.

babies everywhere on facebook

The game's other form of currency is 'Teddies,' which can buy using real-life cash. So between the Teddies, cash, hearts, food and smiles -- there's actually a lot to keep up with in the game. So far, I've had plenty of everything but the hearts -- so I find myself continually clicking on the baby to 'play' and earn extras.

Babies Everywhere employs a simple quest system, encouraging you to do things like teach the baby to say 'mama' and buy a certain type of toy, decoration, etc. The toys require you to spend energy and then ask friends for materials -- and considering that a handful of people are playing the game right now, it's a little difficult to pull off without spending Teddies.

So far, that's pretty much the breadth and depth of Babies Everywhere. It's only fair to point out that this is an Alpha version of the game, so that might explain the lack of things to do overall. Basically, once you cleaned up spilled milk and other debris, played with a few toys -- there's not much else to do for the next few hours. You don't actually have to feed the baby or change its diaper, it just kinda hangs out in a giant nursery by itself. We'll see if this baby's got what it takes as it continues to develop over the next few months.

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