AOL Jobs Week Resume Contest Winner: Jessica Miller

AOL Jobs Week Winner Jessica Miller
AOL Jobs Week Winner Jessica Miller

Location: Buffalo, N.Y.

Industry/Job: Food prep/Clerical/Processing

Time Unemployed: 2 years ... besides my temp job

What do you want your potential employer to know about you?

I am hard-working and punctual.


Background mostly in AP/AR Claims, Collections and generic/general computer administration. Driven and hard-working. I strive to reach my goals and tend not to take things for granted.

I am seeking full-time employment at an organization with the ultimate intention of making it my career, or at least using it as a learning experience to benefit my progression towards said career. Looking for new challenges both in and out of my previous field of employment.


Some College

Professional Experience

Food prep, collections.

If you have a position or job lead for Jessica, please contact her at