Congratulations to our Fourth Laptop Winner: Bridgett Hager

Congratulations to our Fourth Laptop Winner: Bridgett Hager
Bridgett Hager from Saint Louis, Mo.

She chose the HP Envy 14!

Bridgett wrote:

I am sending this in for my husband. He is a retired police officer in search of a job. With the economy like it is, we cannot survive on his retirement. He has worked very hard all his life to support his family, but he has never taken the time to learn how to enjoy the benefits of a computer. While searching for jobs in today's world he has realized he needs to take some computer classes if he wants to be proficient in the job market.

Having this opportunity to help him achieve his goals would be priceless. A laptop to him would mean: he could take classes, look for jobs on line, write an amazing résumé and help him in his next career. When he does get that job that requires computer skills he will feel like he has achieved an amazing feet. We all feel better about ourselves when we learn something new that is life changing. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on why I would like my husband to be the one you pick for the free laptop.