INXS Rocker Kicked Off Australian Flight

Former INXS frontman Jon Stevens was escorted by police officers off a Jetstar flight in Perth, Australia, after getting into a verbal confrontation with a flight attendant.

The 48-year-old rocker had been on his way to a Brisbane to perform in a Queensland flood relief concert.

Stevens says the argument began when he decided to switch seats after the plane left the gate.

"The steward stood there glaring at me, so I asked him why he was glaring at me," the rocker tells the Herald Sun.

"He replied with 'Are we going to have a problem?' and I said 'We already have a problem'."

The steward went into the cockpit and Stevens says a short time later the plane returned to the terminal and he was told to leave. He refused.

"I couldn't believe it was happening. I said 'You've got to be kidding', and told the steward I would not leave the aircraft."

Two Australian Federal Police officers came onboard and "forcefully escorted" him off the plane, Steven says. He says he was appalled by the treatment he received from the airline.

A JetStar spokeswoman defended the carrier's actions.

""We have guidelines we follow and our cabin crew were not confident of his willingness to follow instruction," a spokeswoman says. "We do apologize if Mr. Stevens thought we were being heavy-handed."

Stevens was able to perform at the fundraiser for the devastated Queensland region yesterday, but he ended up flying on Virgin Blue.

Other celebrities caught behaving badly on planes recently have included actor Josh Duhamel and author and columnist Arianna Huffington, both involved in disputes involving Blackberry use.

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