Funtank promotes good breath with Dentyne advergame

Dentyne Ice and Fire game
Dentyne Ice and Fire game

A brand new game by Funtank (who are owned by the Publishers Clearing House) has just released to the wild, and it's a branded advertising game for Dentyne Ice and Dentyne Fire chewing gum. Sounds like a stretch, right? The game is a simple one that won't take you too long to master (or get bored, for that matter).

In Ice & Fire, you are shown a quick Flash cutscene of your male avatar on a date with a woman. When you lean in to give her a kiss, she refuses to kiss you because you don't have a piece of chewing gum. You then have to run quickly and race the clock in a side-scrolling game to try to find gum in time. The screen scrolls on its own, and you have to use the up arrow on your keyboard to jump and double-jump over items. Hitting the junk on the ground makes you fall and lose your progress, and jumping to collect starts gives you a bonus.

There are two modes. Story Mode allows you to practice games on your own, and Epic Run Mode allows you to compete with your friends. You can share stories to your newsfeed with your score, and see your progress on a leaderboard. That's about it for this shallow advergame. It isn't too impressive, but it did provide 10 minutes of enjoyment (and frequent swearing) for me. Perhaps your mileage will vary.

Would a game like this inspire you to buy Dentyne chewing gum?

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