FarmVille Valentine Trees: Cinnamon Heart and Heart Candy Trees

As we told you yesterday, Zynga has been hard at work on another set of Valentine's Day themed trees in FarmVille, and in tonight's update, we see the release of two more trees to the market - the Cinnamon Heart Tree and the Heart Candy Tree.

As the names suggest, both of these trees are associated with two themed candies (the candy hearts that have messages on them, and the red cinnamon candies that are shaped like hearts), so they fit into the more whimsical variety of trees released in FarmVIlle recently. If you're ok with accepting a bit of fantasy on your farm, rather than straight realism, you can purchase either of these trees from the store for a limited time.

The Cinnamon Heart Tree costs 5 Farm Cash, while the Heart Candy Tree costs 15 Farm Cash. Fortunately, neither one of these is too grand a price (trees can easily cost 30 Farm Cash or more), but remember, if you want to save your Farm Cash entirely, make sure to look for Mystery Seedling posts that your FarmVille neighbors share on their news feed - you never know what those trees might grow into, but we can confirm that Heart Candy Trees are now circulating as Mystery Seedlings.

Both of these trees can be mastered, with the first star of mastery for both trees being earned at 75 harvests each.

For the hardcore tree collector, you have the next 18 days to decide whether or not these trees are worth the purchase. After that, they'll expire from the store, so shop fast.

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Which of these two trees is your favorite? Do you like the various fictional trees that Zynga has released in FarmVille, or would you rather the game stick to a realistic approach? Let us know in the comments.
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