FarmVille Valentine Animals: Valentine Mini Pony and Heart Rabbit

FarmVille has really started feeling the love this week, as tonight's game update sees the release of two new pink animals in the limited edition Valentine's Day theme. The two animals are the Valentine Mini Pony and the Heart Rabbit.

Both of these animals, as you might have already guessed, are not only limited edition items, but are also premium (only available for Farm Cash). The Valentine Mini Pony (which is so cute, by the way, that I can hardly stand it) costs 26 Farm Cash, while the Heart Rabbit costs 12 Farm Cash. For those looking for a cute animal on a budget, it should be noted that the Heart Rabbit is the cheapest Valentine's Day-themed animal released thus far in the game.

The Valentine Mini Pony can be placed in your Horse Stable, and will produce a Mini Foal, as we told you in a Sneak Peek last week. If you choose to leave it out of your stable, though, you'll be able to harvest it once every three days to receive 84 coins each time. The Heart Rabbit, meanwhile, can be harvested every two days, and you'll earn 100 coins each time you collect your profits.

Both of these animals will be available to purchase in the marketplace for the next 18 days, giving Zynga plenty of time between now and their expiration date to add even more themed items to the store that fit in this lovey-dovey theme. We'll be sure to let you know if they decide to take advantage of that extra time.

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Will you add either of these adorable animals to your collection in FarmVille? Would you purchase them if they were available for coins instead? Let us know in the comments.
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