Earn 2 free FarmVille Farm Cash through One Born Every Minute promotion


If you were too late to snap up the Groupon and Bath and Body works FarmVille Farm Cash promotion that ran today, fear not, as a new free Farm Cash promotion is now making the rounds to players. This promotion is from the new Lifetime television series "One Born Every Minute," which deals with pregnancy.

By clicking on the Sponsored Link window as seen at right, you'll launch a new window, where you'll be asked to watch a trailer for the new show, and then answer a simple question. As the show is about pregnancy, so too is the question you're asked: "What did your husband do to make you smile while you were in labor?" Of course, this is a hilarious question for those male FarmVille players, or even players who don't have children, but as always, you can answer the question in any way you'd like in order to receive your two free Farm Cash.

Once the trailer is over and you've answered the survey question, you can close this window and you should see your Farm Cash total automatically rise by two. If not, a simple refresh of the game should do the trick of forcing the Farm Cash into your account.

What will you spend your two Farm Cash on? Have you seen this promotion on your account yet, or has it not cycled its way through to you? Let us know in the comments.

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