Cafe World Salad Bar Goals: Everything you need to know

Along with the release of the new Cafe World Salad Bar construction project, Zynga has also launched a new series of goals in the game dealing with this new item. Appropriately, this new set of five goals is called "Salad Bar," with each particular step being called Salad Bar I, Salad Bar II, and so on.

For the first step of this mission series, you'll need to go about the actual process of placing and building the Salad Bar in your Cafe. For a complete look at how to do that, make sure to check out our complete guide to building the Salad Bar in Cafe World, which includes a look at its form and function, and how to upgrade the item.

Specifically, the first part of this goal series asks you to:

Place your Salad Bar
Complete the Salad Bar
Stock your Salad Bar

The Salad Bar item itself can be found under the Special items portion of the store's functional menu. From there, simply complete the Salad Bar and then stock it (using any coin or Cafe Cash amount you'd like) and voila - your first prize of 100 Cafe Points and 100 coins will be yours.

Meet us behind the break for a look at the rest of this five-part Salad Bar goal set.

Part two of this five part series asks you to complete another three tasks, with these not being entirely inclusive on the Salad Bar itself:

Serve 5 Voodoo Chicken Salad
Earn 1000 coins
Restock Salad Bar 2 times

The Voodoo Chicken Salad is a 12 hour dish, so your best bet would be to start some of these before calling it quits the for night, and then serving them before you start your day in the morning. You can, of course, also complete any of these steps with Cafe Cash, with the Voodoo Chicken Salad being completed instantly for 5 Cafe Cash, and the restocking of your Salad Bar costing 4 Cafe Cash.

The rewards for finishing this second step are 200 coins and 200 Cafe Points.

Finishing part 2 unlocks the third step in this five part series, called "Salad Bar III." This quest asks you to complete an upgrade on your Salad Bar, unlocking a new ingredient (which makes your Salad Bar earn more money per salad sold).

Unlock Cucumbers in the Salad Bar
Earn 5000 coins
Restock Salad Bar 5 Times

Unlocking the Cucumbers in the Salad Bar is an entire goal in and of itself, and requires you to Cook French Onion Soup 10 times, Clean 10 Stoves, and Spice 5 Friend Stoves. Each of these goals are quite simple actually, as you'll be able to clean the stoves and spice friends' stoves by simply playing the game (your stoves count as being cleaned even if you have the No Clean Fairy in your Cafe). Cooking the French Onion Soup is also simple, as it says nothing of "Serving," and requires you to only set the dishes into the motion of cooking, and not actually wait for them to finish.

The rewards for part III are 300 coins and 300 Cafe Points.

Part IV or V asks you to unlock yet another ingredient in the Salad Bar, this time the Yellow Onions.

Unlock Yellow Onions in the Salad Bar
Earn 10000 coins
Restock Salad Bar 10 times

The Yellow Onions have their own three steps to unlock, just as the Cucumbers do, as they require you to Serve Spitfire Roasted Chicken (a 24 hour dish) two times, Serve 10 cups of Cup O' Joe from the Coffee Machine, and collect 10 onions from friends. Yes, this is a collection event - click on the "Ask for it" button to ask your friends for help in collecting the onions you need to move on.

Finishing Part IV of this mission gives you 600 coins and 600 Cafe Points.

At this point, you'll unlock the fifth and final mission in the Salad Bar series which asks you unlock yet another ingredient in the Salad Bar:

Unlock Baby Carrots
Earn 20,000 coins
Restock the Salad Bar 20 times

Not only will unlocking the Baby Carrots require you to complete another three tasks (Serve Tikka Masala Babobs 10 times, Spice 5 Friend Stoves, and Get 20 Baby Carrots by asking friends), but you'll also have to restock the Salad Bar quite a few times, making this the most time consuming step of them all. Luckily, by the time you finish these two tasks, you should have easily earned your 20,000 coins, and you'll finally be able to say goodbye to this quest set, and move on to others.

How far have you made it into the Cafe World Salad Bar goal set? Do you know what the tasks for Part V are? Share them with us in the comments, and we'll post them here for your fellow players!
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