Cafe World Salad Bar: Everything you need to know


It looks as though your restaurant in Cafe World will be able to receive a bit of an "all you can eat" flair in the future, as Zynga has officially released a Salad Bar buildable item in the game. This Salad Bar will require you to collect three (technically four) different kinds of items in order to complete its construction, but luckily, this seems like an incredibly easy item to build overall.

All told, you'll need to collect 2 Sneeze Guards, 4 Salad Boxes, and 2 Salad Tongs. You'll also need to technically collect a Display Case, but the simple action of moving the base of the Salad Bar from the Special item section of the store will be enough to complete that step for you.

As usual, collecting the other 8 items is a process that must be done with friends. You'll be able to click on the "Ask for More" button next to any particular ingredient to send out individual gift requests to those Cafe World neighbors that you think would be most likely to help you out. Note: There is currently an issue with asking your friends for items - keep trying and you should be able to get it to work, or simply wait until Zynga fixes the problem (they have acknowledged it) to start asking for items. You can also purchase each item individually, at a rate of 10 Cafe Cash per item.

To find out what your Salad Bar does once you build it, meet us behind the break.