AOL Jobs Week Resume Winner: Cindy Rowse

Location: E. Atlantic Beach, NY

Industry: Media

Job: Digital Media Professional

Time Unemployed: 8 months

What do you want your potential employer to know about you?

Who Am I? I have an MA in Communications and over 10 years experience integrating digital media into web-based platforms as both a freelance professional and as an employee for a large non-profit organization. I have an exceptional ability to conceptualize and execute creative treatments for a variety of media types and audiences, as well as proven experience as a writer, web designer, and editor. My professional goal is to expertly and creatively communicate any given message through the New Media.



  • MA Communications ~ 1995

UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND, College Park, Maryland

  • BA Radio, TV & Film, 1993

Professional Experience

Digital Media Professional/Communications Director

Visit for examples of original graphics and 3D Animation

  • Developed first multimedia website spanning a 56 parish Diocese comprising streaming audio and video, along with a library of original multimedia productions.

  • Was in charge of press releases to the media; was interviewed by WBOC TV and local newspapers for over 4 years concerning parish events, outreach and development.

  • Developed content and design for new and existing video productions.

  • Created and implemented new strategies for the use of social media (

  • Produced and developed written narratives and illustrations for production of computer generated animation.

  • Expert in Web site creation with multiple software programs and/or HTML/JavaScript coding.

  • Created multiple websites (some examples):,,,,

  • Redesigned corporate bulletin and website which served over 3500 both graphically and editorially.

  • Served as member of Creative Screenwriting Magazine Board of Directors; provided freelance article writing.

  • In charge of company-wide event, rental, and meeting scheduling systems, as well as computerized lighting and HVAC systems.

  • Served in an administrative capacity which included providing administrative/secretarial support for various departments/divisions by answering telephones, assisting visitors and resolving a range of administrative problems and inquiries.

  • Composed and edited correspondence and memoranda from dictation, verbal direction and from knowledge of policies of established departments/divisions; prepared, transcribed, composed, typed, edited and distributed agendas and minutes of numerous meetings.


MS Office (Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, Excel all versions), Paint Shop, Photoshop, Illustrator, Publisher, Dreamweaver and others. 3D Animation, Poser, Carrara, Transposer, HTML (numerous web design programs), JavaScript, Avid, Flash, Director, Pinnacle Studio, Quark Xpress, Premiere, After Effects, Quick Books, Acid Music Studio, Adobe Final Cut Pro, Windows (all versions) and more.

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  • Screenplays: The Specter, Home, The Willing Prey, The X-Files: The Mysterious Stranger, The Actor

  • Novels: The Actor (in progress)

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