Angry Birds 2 spotted ... in Germany?

Angry Birds 2 detailed
Well, considering Angry Birds developer Rovio is based in Finland, it's not too far of a stretch. It appears that a German TV network has caught the first glimpses of Angry Birds 2, The Register Hardware reports. Known as Deutsche Welle, the network posted a short feature surrounding the small studio that created one of the most successful casual games to date. After showing a few quotes from Rovio CEO Mikael Hed, a few designers and fans of the game, the reporter mentions that the team is currently working on two more Angry Birds games.

The first, referred to simply as "Pink," is the Valentine's Day edition set to release on Feb. 14 (how fitting). The game will probably play out like the recent Angry Birds Halloween with a series of levels surrounding the holiday. But most importantly, the feature shows several images of what looks like the official sequel to Angry Birds. The reporter conveniently refers to them merely as "new versions of their game." From what we can judge by these blurry snapshots, the characters largely look the same within far more detailed environments.

Keep in mind, none of these screen shots have been officially confirmed by Rovio as Angry Birds 2. But if the studio was willing to reveal them to a television network, then we're going to take this as an unofficial confirmation. Who knows how long until the game will release, so until then just work on your high scores.

Angry Birds 2 at night
Angry Birds 2 daytime

[Via Global Geek News]

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