Yahoo Lays Off Up to 150, But Google Hiring at Least 6,200

Yahoo and Google
Yahoo and Google

Looks like there might be room at Google for the nearly 150 Yahoo employees who are about to get pink slips. As online power transitions, Google says it's beefing up it's payroll by at least 6,200 jobs, which will increase its workforce by about 25 percent.

It's the biggest expansion yet of the Internet's most profitable company, which grew by 23 percent last year and hired nearly 4,600 people. Although Google execs have not yet elaborated on what those jobs will look like, analysts suggest they will be mostly in sales to stay on top of advertising, and computer engineers to maintain the company's lead in online search. It's also suspected that Google will diversify into other computing services, content production, telecommunication, and media -- especially video.