Companies to Watch: UPS

ups jobsIndustry: Shipping / Courier

Headquarters: Seattle, Wash.

CEO: Scott Davis

UPS, affectionately known as Big Brown by some, delivers an estimated 15 million packages worldwide, each day. These packages are shipped to over 220 countries and territories. At present, UPS employs a staff of more than 400,000.

In addition to their iconic brown delivery trucks and fleet of tractor trailers, UPS owns and operates its own airline fleet in order to facilitate transportation of its packages from pick-up to destination.

The company uses a hub-based system to distribute packages around the country. This means that when a package is delivered, it first goes to a local hub and then is sent from hub to hub, before it finally reaches its destination.

All these hubs around the country provide many local job opportunities for those wishing to work in a UPS distribution center.

The majority of UPS hiring is seasonal, spiking before the winter holidays. However they currently have positions open for IT associates, business systems analysts, accounting associates, sort supervisors, package center supervisors and customer experience managers. A significant number of these openings are in New Jersey, Texas and Georgia.

ups jobsWhat It's Like to Work at UPS

If you've ever been curious about what it might really be like to be Santa, get a job working at UPS during the Christmas season. You better believe that Santa couldn't possibly be jolly and round. He's got muscles made of steel and very little body fat!

ups jobs

I Interviewed at UPS

I was asked questions like: "What do you do for fun?" "Where do you like to visit on vacation?" and "Who are your favorite sports teams?"

A Peek Into UPS

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