Sean Avery Takes a Puck on NYC Condo

Sean Avery, New York Rangers
Sean Avery, New York Rangers

New York Ranger Sean Avery isn't used to losing, but this wing-man just took a $60,000 hit on his condo in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood.

Here's what happened: Avery first listed his two-bedroom condo in the Chelsea Club, on West 19th Street, for $1.795 million with Douglas Elliman about a year ago. Avery must have been getting antsy, because in July the listing moved to the Modlin Group, and the price was chopped to $1.59 million. A month later it was reduced again, to $1.49 million. Listing agent Marisa Sargent knew what she was doing, according to theNew York Observer; the property was sold on Jan. 11 for $1.4 million.

Selling for $395,000 less than asking price is not bad in this difficult housing market -- had Avery not purchased the condo for $1.46 million in the first place. Ouch!