Breaking: Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego for Facebook incoming

Whelp, there goes your social life. Darius Kazemi, lead analyst at Blue Fang Games, has informally announced the studio's two secret projects on his blog: The Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. Better yet, they're both for Facebook. Surely, anyone who went to grade school in the 90s remembers these two classic games from computer class, no? Now it's time to relive junior high twice over.

The Oregon Trail, set to launch Feb 2, looks far more animated than previous versions while keeping the spirit of the original alive--even the river-crossing mini game is back. The game will feature several more mini games including puzzles to solve and wildlife to hunt. However, it's unknown whether your fellow pioneers can still fall to dysentery. I can't believe I'm saying this, but a man can dream.

Find out more about Carmen Sandiego for Facebook after the break.

Judging from the trailer, it looks like players will have to solve mysteries in classic Carmen Sandiego fashion. In fact, the game, set to release Feb. 9, looks just like the original point-and-click adventure with a modern, cartoon twist. You will have to follow clues to locations all over the world and determine whodunnit through a series of mini games. Eventually, players will find Carmen, but "the global hunt" implies that they'll need friends to make it happen.

We'll have more details on both games when they release in February. Until then, break out the old game discs and give them a go (if they still work) after watching these trailers a few more times. Now, where's my Hot Dog Stand for Facebook?

Which of these two games is more exciting for you? How do you think they will play out on Facebook? Speculate away in the comments. Add Comment.
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