Obama's Clean Energy Goal: What Homeowners Can Do

obama clean energy
obama clean energy

President Barack Obama challenged the nation during his 2011 State of the Union Address to cut energy costs so that by the year 2035 we will have 80 percent of America's electricity coming from clean energy sources. Although that's 24 years from now, there are things homeowners can do now to help cut energy usage as we wait for home builders and local, state and federal governments to clear the way for better built affordable eco-friendly homes that can truly utilize clean energy, say experts contacted by AOL Real Estate.

"Sustainability only works when there is a direct benefit to the homeowner. Saving the planet is not enough. Saving on energy bills is enough," says architectural designer Marianne Cusato, who collaborated on the 2010 "Builder Concept Home" for last year's International Builder Show. "Energy codes are shifting that will force builders of all sizes to build more sustainable homes."