Mafia Wars Italy Regions 6-8 now live; new Jobs, loot and properties

New Italy Regions
New Italy Regions

The time has come to conquer the motherland in Mafia Wars. The final regions of Italy--Calabria, Citta del Vaticano and The Eternal City--are now available to wreak havoc upon. With the three new regions comes brand new Jobs for both Stamina and Energy players as well as a few Social Jobs.

Messino's Pistol
Sword of St. Godfrey
Di Rossi's Assassin

Additionally the Nightclub, a new property, has been added to the game. But more importantly, these fresh locales have plenty of new loot to hide, especially the goodies held by each region's boss. Here's what you can look forward to for mastering each Region (and its boss battle):

  • Don Vittorio Messino: Messino's Pistol (Ruby 175 Attack, 118 Defense)

  • Commandant Ebersold: Sword of St. Godfrey (121 Attack, 192 Defense)

  • Don Rafael Di Rossi: Di Rossi's Assassin (210 Attack, 124 Defense)

[Source and Image Credit: Mafia Wars Wiki]

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