Congratulations to our Third Laptop Winner: Maribeth Cirigliano-Andolina

Maribeth Cirigliano Maribeth Cirigliano-Andolina from Woodside, Calif.

She chose the MacBook Air!

Maribeth wrote:

I am a kindergarten teacher, and would love, love, love to have a laptop of my own to use at home, with the option to bring it back and forth to our classroom. My kinder-kids would love to be able to Skype kids from other countries; plus, record their kindergarten songs, plays, presentations, poetry readings, visitors, activity centers, play times -- gee, actually, ALL their adventures throughout the year.

Then we could create a little CD for each child to bring home at the end of the year as a photo and recording memory of their A-MAC-ING kindergarten year -- (of course, I would change "Our AMAZING Kindergarten Year" to "Our AMACING Kindergarten Year" in honor of YOU for being so kind as to pick US ... smile). Wouldn't that be so cool? Geeze, I would LOVE A NEW LAPTOP to do a zillion things on for my kinder-kids, meetings, research projects, planning ... ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! Thanks soooooo much, and have a great day!

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