FrontierVille: Trap Groundhogs for a new set of Badges


If you're a Badge (achievement) collector in FrontierVille, you'll be happy to know that with the launch of the Groundhog Day missions this afternoon came the ability to unlock an entirely new badge series based on trapping Groundhogs. Of course, the Badge's four different levels are earned based on the number of Groundhogs you trap over time, with each level offering heftier prizes, but being harder to earn in the process.

Here's the complete rundown of stats about these four new Badges:

Groundhog Menace - Trap 10 Groundhogs - Rewards 500 XP and 50 Food
Groundhog Slayer - Trap 50 Groundhogs - Rewards 2,500 XP and 250 Food
Groundhog Bane - Trap 100 Groundhogs - Rewards 5,000 XP and 500 Food
Groundhog Conquerer - Trap 250 Groundhogs - Rewards 10,000 XP and 800 Food

As you can see, it will likely take you quite a bit of time to earn the highest levels of this new Badge, but the rewards for finally doing so seem to make the entire process worth it. Besides, if you already plan on trapping Groundhogs just for the fun of it, at least now you'll receive some extra bonuses along the way.

What do you think of this new Badge in FrontierVille? Are the requirements for each level too strict, or do you think you can earn this Badge with ease? Let us know in the comments.