FrontierVille Spring and Icy Collections now available

With today's launch of the Groundhog Day missions in FrontierVille, it's only fitting that we see two new collections being released in the game as well - those collections that deal with the two possible outcomes of Groundhog Day: an early Spring, or an extended Winter. The Spring option is now represented in the game via an aptly named Spring collection, but since there's already a Winter Collection in the game, the opposite outcome is listed as an "Icy Collection."

Both of these collections can now be completed by collecting five different items for each. For the Spring Collection you'll need the following items:

Spring Flowers
Flower Pot
Watering Can

As for the Icy Collection, you'll need to find these five items:

Ice Saw
Ice Skates
Ice Pick
Ice Tongs
Curling Set

The items from both of these collections can be found by trapping Groundhogs (see our complete guide to the Groundhog Day missions for more). Once you complete the Spring Collection, you'll receive an Accelerate Tree Boost and 50 XP, while finishing the Icy Collection rewards you with a Frozen Chicken item.

All told, with such limited availability, it seems like these might be some pretty difficult collections to complete - good luck to all those that try!

Have you already started trapping Groundhogs in FrontierVille? Have you been lucky enough to receive any of these collectibles yet? Let us know what you think of these new collections in the comments.