FrontierVille Groundhog Day Goals: Everything you need to know

Joe Osborne
Groundhog Day
Groundhog Day

Unfortunately, we doubt Bill Murray will be making an appearance in FrontierVille this Groundhog Day, so a shiny new set of Goals will have to do. Zynga has decided to celebrate arguably the dumbest holiday ever imagined. It's only fitting that a series of equally lighthearted (and unrealistic) Goals be thrown into the mix as well as yet another building. Don't worry, it's tiny.

You'll first hear word of the Groundhog invasion upon logging into the game. But only after going to the Market and purchasing a Groundhog Trap for 2,000 coins will the first Goal in the series, "Half Your Hay," reveal itself.

Join us behind the break for a detailed guide on how to get through these new Goals.