FarmVille possibly hacked, Facebook responds to other security issues


For those who aren't normally lurking the FarmVille forums, they've been in an uproar over a FarmVille player known as Ekşın Man. According to several forum users, this player has been posting messages on their Walls via the FarmVille app, but none of them are actually friends with him. Most of his posts read, "Can you hear me again? FarmVille players? Yeees, greetingz from Turkey to you too. Farmville oyuncuları çileklerinizi toplayın low."

That last bit translates roughly to "Farmville players gather strawberries low URLs." Unfortunately, we haven't an idea in the slightest as to what Ekşın Man is referring to. FarmVille Freak questions whether the game has been hacked by this presumably Turkish player. In a poll conducted by the site, over 51 percent of readers suspect FarmVille has been hacked. It appears that Zynga has yet to comment on the issue.

Elsewhere, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's page on the website was also hacked yesterday. After promptly taking the page down, the security team at Facebook has added some enhanced security measures to the platform including social captchas and the option to run access Facebook through HTTPS at all times. First, these social captchas will replace the usual warped-letter prompts seen when posting on forums or submitting payment information to websites.

Instead, you will now be asked to identify friends in a series of photos in order to log in when Facebook detects suspicious account activity. Second, HTTPS is a more secure version of the normal "HTTP" connection at the beginning of most web addresses. Soon, users will have the option of always connecting to Facebook this way, TechCrunch reports. Until we hear word from Zynga concerning this potential hack, our best advice is to block posts coming from Ekşın Man if he has appeared on your Wall.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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