FarmVille Ducklings: Everything you need to know

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After many promises and a little bit of impatient waiting (ok, a lot of impatient waiting), FarmVille farmers are now being treated to the release of ducklings in the game. As promised by Zynga at the release of the Duck Pond, these ducklings will be available to receive when harvesting your Duck Pond, in a similar manner to finding Mystery Eggs when harvesting your Chicken Coop. The special thing here is that these ducklings will grow up, and they'll grow into adult forums of all new kinds of ducks.

To put this all into perspective, when you harvest your Duck Pond, you have a chance of finding a duckling. As of right now, it appears that only brown and yellow ducklings have been released into circulation, and you won't be able to see the rest of the duckling feature until you actually receive a Duckling on your farm. Once you do, though, you'll need to go about raising your duckling, to see what kind of mature duck it will grow into.

You'll need the help of your friends to grow these ducklings, so meet us behind the break to see how you can help your friends (and help yourself) earn some of these exclusive new ducks.Just as when finding a Mystery Egg in your Chicken Coop, you'll only find a duckling at random, and aren't guaranteed to receive one each and every time you harvest from your Duck Pond. Once you do receive a duckling however, you'll be able to post a news item to your feed, sharing a duckling with your friends. You also keep one for yourself.

As of this writing, in order to grow the duckling, you must keep it out of your Duck Pond. That is, place it outside the Duck Pond, on the regular ground, until you have a chance to help it grow. You'll then be told that you need to ask seven neighbors (that is, seven different players) to help you take care of your duckling. You'll need to click on the "Ask for Help" button inside the duckling window that appears for each duckling, which will allow you to send individual gift requests to your friends, asking them for help in growing your duckling. You'll have six days to get the help you need, and once you gain all the help you require, you'll actually be able to choose which kind of duck you want that particular duckling to turn into as an adult.

There are different kinds of adult ducks, based on the kind of duckling you started out with. That is, brown ducklings can grow into a different variety of adult ducks than yellow ducklings can. While those are the only two varieties of ducklings available as of right now, it's presumable that if and when more ducklings are added to the game, new adult versions would be added as well.

Once you finish growing your duckling into an adult, you'll be able to share another prize with your friends, and specifically the neighbors that helped you grow your duckling into an adult in the first place. A general news post shares a duckling with your neighbors, while an individual wall post can be made on the particular helpers' walls, giving them a reward that is apparently specific to the type of duck you chose.

There is already a very active forum thread on the official FarmVille forums, discussing the feature and the kinds of rewards you can win, and we'll be sure to update you when more news about this feature launches. Remember, you're not guaranteed to receive a duckling upon harvesting your Duck Pond, but don't lose faith - we're sure you'll get one in time!

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Have you received a duckling in FarmVille yet? Which kind of duck would you like to help your duckling grow into? Let us know in the comments.
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