FarmVille Ducklings: Everything you need to know


Learn more about Duckling Prizes here.

After many promises and a little bit of impatient waiting (ok, a lot of impatient waiting), FarmVille farmers are now being treated to the release of ducklings in the game. As promised by Zynga at the release of the Duck Pond, these ducklings will be available to receive when harvesting your Duck Pond, in a similar manner to finding Mystery Eggs when harvesting your Chicken Coop. The special thing here is that these ducklings will grow up, and they'll grow into adult forums of all new kinds of ducks.

To put this all into perspective, when you harvest your Duck Pond, you have a chance of finding a duckling. As of right now, it appears that only brown and yellow ducklings have been released into circulation, and you won't be able to see the rest of the duckling feature until you actually receive a Duckling on your farm. Once you do, though, you'll need to go about raising your duckling, to see what kind of mature duck it will grow into.

You'll need the help of your friends to grow these ducklings, so meet us behind the break to see how you can help your friends (and help yourself) earn some of these exclusive new ducks.