Did Jets' Loss to Steelers 'Steal' Super Bowl Rental Booty?

Who is going to spend $22,000 to lease a home just for Super Bowl weekend? Joseph Mannino, apparently. The New York-area businessman -- he is the senior vice president of sales for the Collegebound Network -- was planning on a pricey, but fun-filled weekend in Dallas on February 6.

"We had a group of ten guys all ready to rent a super duper high end house near Cowboys Stadium, split the house rental, the entire weekend cost us maybe $17K per person including game tickets before partying," says Joseph.

But that was before Sunday's defeat in the playoffs by the Pittsburgh Steelers, who will meet the Green Bay Packers on February 6 at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas for Super Bowl XLV.
The home Mannino and friends was going to lease is still available from SportsEventsRentals.com. It is located about ten minutes from the stadium, which was a top priority for this group, and it is loaded: 8,600 square feet, plus an additional four-bedroom home on the property; six bedrooms, five with separate dressing areas and private baths, media room, game room with pool and poker table, second kitchen; and because it might be nippy in early February for that outdoor pool, an indoor diving pool with hot tub and bay window overlooking the total lake view. The guys might have fought over that "Joan Crawford" master shower, all done in marble with 8 shower heads, pre set temperature control, and electronic start. Of course there's home audio throughout in case you just want to stay in and listen to the game.

Bring your racquets: The grounds include a tennis/sport court, outdoor kitchen, enormous deck with fire pit and attached jet ski/boat dock overlooking the lake. The home is also way secluded with a long front drive which means plenty of privacy.

The owners are also offering a Hummer and/or Mercedes as transportation, for an

additional cost. Mannino thinks Dallas-Fort Worth may be the biggest loser now that the Jets are not playing in Super Bowl XLV, because he knows a lot of friends who were planning on spending major bucks -- more, even, than he and his pals -- to head up to the game.

"The tickets are from $2,000 to $20,000, and a lot of guys I know were planning on getting houses," says Mannino, "and we'd all be coming up in a private corporate jet."

But Mannino and buds will probably be partying in New York on February 6. I'm not going to spend all that money, he says, to see the Steelers.

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