Zynga leaks details on Mafia Wars Italy 6 through 8; to the Eternal City!

Italy Regions 6-8 coming soon
Italy Regions 6-8 coming soon

And away we go. Well, not just yet. Zynga has sneakily released some extremely detailed information regarding the imminent expansion to Mafia WarsItaly covering Regions 6 through 8. The names of the three regions will officially be Calabria, Citta del Vaticano and The Eternal City, respectively. A new property will be added to the Italian Villa, the Nightclub, but all we know about it is that it will have a job attached to it like the existing properties.

Across all three regions, there will be 15 Energy Jobs, four Social Jobs and eight Fight Jobs--the names of which have all been released. Expectantly, there will be three bosses to defeat known as Don Messino, Commandant Ebersold and Don Rafael Di Rossi.Of course, each region will have a powerful item to master, the first being Messino's Pistol (Ruby 175/118). The others are unknown, but one appears to have an insane 210 Attack power at Ruby Mastery.

Zynga also provided some more interesting tips like how players will need to repeat Jobs in the original regions for consumables that are needed to complete some new Jobs. Even worse, some of the Jobs that provide consumables for the new Jobs also require consumables to complete. For instance, "You will need Cooked Books (from Milano) to do the job (in Napoli) that produces Hidden Charges," Zynga says. It's not exactly exciting news, but it's good to know.

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. And thankfully, Zynga has provided a feedback page for both positive and negative responses, but who honestly takes the effort to provide positive feedback? (Hey, I just tell it how I see it.) Stay tuned for when Italy Regions 6 through 8 go live, because we'll be all over it.

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