Do Smokers Really Take More Breaks at Work?

smoke breaks
smoke breaks

According to an AOL Jobs Survey, 36 percent of smokers think smokers take more breaks than non-smokers, while 59 percent of non-smokers believe that smokers take more breaks.

Are smokers really taking that many more breaks or is their break time just more obvious because they have to leave the building to light up? Many people take excessive breaks at work, but their breaks may be easy to hide from co-workers and the boss. Who among us hasn't stopped what they were doing to update their Facebook status, make a personal phone call, or even do a bit of online shopping? Perhaps while the breaks for smokers have become more obvious (gone are the days when you could close your office door and smoke away like a chimney), the outlets for non-smokers to take breaks have multiplied due to that permanent distraction called the Internet.