Lost Island Mahjongg: Play new puzzles every single day

lost island mahjongg on games.com
lost island mahjongg on games.com

OK, so in addition to publishing stuff about big-name Facebook games -- Games.com is also home to thousands of casual games, a few of them we created ourselves. One of those exclusive games is Lost Island Mahjongg, a standard mahjongg puzzle game with a jungle theme. This game has been out for a while, and players have been spending an average of 300,000 hours a month matching tiles with the dexterity of a fighter jet pilot.

Starting today, we've rolled out a new daily puzzle in Lost Island Mahjongg, meaning that when you log into the game, you will get a brand new puzzle. Every single day. Today's puzzle for instance is called 'Star' because the Mahjongg tiles are -- you guessed it -- in a star shape. If you miss a couple days, you will be able to go back and play those as well. The puzzles are new every day and will never repeat (at least, that's what our developers tell me).


So, if Mahjongg is your thing -- try one of the new daily puzzles in Lost Island Mahjongg and see what you think. Let us know if you love it or hate it in the comments below. Comment

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