Congratulations to our Second Laptop Winner: Judi Jones

Judi Jones from Seattle, Wash.

She chose the HP Envy 14!

Judy wrote:

How will a new laptop help in my job search and career? Let me explain the ways.

Skill development -- In the past couple of years employers have come to believe that if you haven't worked in a while, your skills are outdated. Although I have used MS Office 2007 and 2010, I have an old computer with MS Office 2003. I have been using Office for 20 years but I actually flunked an Excel test because of simple menu differences between versions.

Document sharing -- Even the non-profits I volunteer with have newer software and this causes formatting problems when I send them documents. It is not a really good reflection on me or my work when I send potential clients or employers documents made with old software that have messed up formatting.

Reliability -- Six years is quite old for a laptop. The internal wireless modem on my laptop died as did the hard drive. My friend paid for a new hard drive but of course that did nothing to improve its reliability or performance. I am afraid to upgrade software since I have so many important documents saved in older formats.

Productivity -- A new machine will allow me to run modern programs with bigger files, and probably even offer the ability to print while I work! Now I often have to close Explorer while I'm in Excel or while using a large Word document so that I can wait for the computer to send jobs to the printer. The older this machine gets, the longer the process seems to take.

Mobility -- Since the modem died, I've been tied to the wall in my dining room and the battery is now holding a charge for about 30 minutes. I can't visit a client, take notes at a meeting, sit outside and send e-mail or any of the things that are possible with a newer machine.

A new laptop would be like getting part of my life back!

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