Insider Tips for Getting to the Top

Stephen Miles
Stephen Miles

Does the CEO of your company have what it takes to survive and thrive at the top? If not, maybe you do. Some experts believe that the time is right for you to stage a corporate takeover.

"As companies move from a 'survival' mentality to focus on growth and longer-term investment, many are finding that they need to reevaluate their CEO," says Stephen A. Miles, vice chairman of Heidrick & Struggles and head of the firm's Leadership Advisory Service. Miles and Nate Bennett co-wrote a book called 'Your Career Game,' which unlocks the secrets of professional leadership. "Boards of directors are demanding that their CEO possess particular qualities to help lead their companies into the new era," Miles affirms.

What particular qualities might those be? "To arm themselves for growth, boards are looking for seven specific criteria in their potential CEOs," says Miles. Here are his criteria for success as a chief executive: