Dallas Ho! Super Bowl Rentals Go Crazy

super bowl rentalsNow that everyone knows who's playing in the Super Bowl, the rental market in Dallas/Fort Worth -- near the site of the big game, Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Tex. -- is heating up bigtime. Websites featuring private homes for Super Bowl rentals saw an immediate spike in traffic right after Sunday's playoff games -- more than 6400 pageviews Sunday night, says Bob Hayes, co-owner of Phoenix-based SportsEventRentals.com. Same over at Florida-based Eventhomes.com, where owner Bill Richards saw a 100 percent spike in site views after Sunday, bringing his site shy of 100,000 pageviews.

"Traffic really increased with the playoffs," says Hayes.

Top price on his site: $100,000 (negotiable) for one week in a 16,000-square-foot mansion with 8 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, surveillance cameras. And Hayes expects the home to have a Super Bowl tenant by February 6. Richards says feedback from his homeowners indicates that the homes closest to Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, located midway between Dallas and Fort Worth, are getting snapped up first -- homes currently available for reasonable prices.

In other words, wait too long, and you may have to pay up.

Why do people want to rent private homes for the Super Bowl when they can just as easily get a hotel room, and room service? They want to party. Fans travel in groups, like Jets fan Joseph Mannino. The New York area businessman -- he is the senior vice president of sales for the Collegebound Network -- was planning on a pricey, but fun-filled weekend in Dallas on February 6.

"We had a group of ten guys all ready to rent a superduper high end house near Cowboys Stadium, split the house rental, the entire weekend cost us maybe $17K per person including game tickets before partying," says Joseph.

SportsEventRentals and Eventhomes are one of a handful of solid, reputable, on-line sites uniting homeowners up with tenants during major events. But local experts are concerned that other "hook-ups" may not be as squeaky clean. North Texas could be blanketed with hookers by game time. An estimated 15,000 prostitutes are said to be gearing up for Super Bowl XLV, according to a faith-based nonprofit company that counsels women. New Friends New Life, located in Dallas, says the reason most people want to lease a home for SuperBowl XLV is they want to "party in private," which can mean bringing paid "dates" to the party.

One clue is when you read the Super Bowl leasing that advertises the house as being "very private."

"Whether it's the World Cup or the Super Bowl in Miami last year, we know this is exactly what is happening," New Friend's Katie Pedigo said. "It happens time and time again."

There are no statistics available on how many brothels operate out of private rented homes during major sporting events, but experts claim hookers fly into cities to work these events just like any other contractor, some against their will. One local law firm, who does prostitution defense, estimates there were 40,000 hookers in Dallas at last year's NBA All-Star Games. They can be found through private rentals in homes or condominiums, like the W in downtown Dallas, where many units are being offered up as Super Bowl accomodations. That's one reason why the rental websites and Realtors warn homeowners to be wary of big-money offers for private-home rentals.

"We tell our homeowners to contact a Realtor, draft a minimum 30-day lease, and buy rental insurance," says Bill Richards. "And the tenants also need to verify that whoever is renting the home is actually the owner."

A lease application, background checks, and contacting a Realtor can help homeowners know what they are getting themselves into when wads of cash are being flashed.

Dallas RE/MAX broker Tom Branch goes ever further and advises anyone renting out their home for Super Bowl to hire an attorney and get a large deposit up front.

"They could totally tear up a house in a week depending on what kind of party they were to have there," Branch said. "The repairs could cost you much more then you collect."

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