Could Giant Missouri Estate Be Brangelina's New Home?

brangelinaSure, the monstrous 72,000-plus-square-foot home going up in Highlandville, Mo., may be registered to one Steve Huff LLC, but the Realtor rumor mill is buzzing that it's the next home of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and their ever-growing brood.

The Huffs are keeping it all in the family, with Steve's brother serving as general contractor and no broker listed for the property. The supersize mansion is located on the east side of Highway 56 on Woods Fork Road in a rugged area in the Ozark Mountains between Ozark and Branson, Mo. The completed residence will be larger than the White House, which is around 55,000 square feet.

Interesting that Brad Pitt hails from Missouri: Perhaps he wants to be closer to family?

Betty Knowles who along with her husband, John, have been Realtors in the area for several years, selling mostly in the Springfield, Ozark and Nixa areas. The Knowleses own five acres not too far from the property, and Betty Knowles blogged about the Brangelina rumor on her web site.

When asked how much truth she feels there is to the rumor she told AOL Real Estate, "It would
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certainly have to belong to someone who not only has the funds to build it, but maintain it. They aren't the owners of record, but I guess they could have it in someone else's name." An article on this site recently discussed how celebrities keep their real estate quiet.

It would take some major dough to maintain not only the grounds but the reported 15 bedrooms including a 1,275-square-foot master, 14 bathrooms and a 1,600-square-foot library for the bookish occupants. According to Knowleses, the home -- built with walls of solid concrete -- has been under construction for about three years and is still only halfway done.

"You can't get anywhere near the home because of locked gates with warning signs. However, you can see the massive home from a distance since it sits on top of a mountain," said Betty Knowles on her blog.

As for when buzz about the actual project began, Betty Knowles recalls hearing about it from a brangelinacolleague in New York about two months ago. Up to that point she was unaware of anything being built in that area, much less who was building it. She immediately went to the site and took pictures of it for the blog.

"The contact in New York is actually the first one that asked us if we had heard of Brad and Angelina building a home in the area," says Knowles, which is most likely how the rumor began.

The Knowleses, being property owners in the area, are excited if the rumor is true. Says Betty, "Maybe [our property] will go up in value now."

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