CityVille's FarmVille Promo Quest: Everything you need to know


For some time now, we've known that Zynga would be launching a cross-promotion between their two biggest games, FarmVille and CityVille. However, the details have been shaky at best concerning this new promotion, as some users have reported seeing a CityVille branded item being available in the FarmVille marketplace, that will supposedly launch a specific quest for you in CityVille, but the users spotting this were very few in number, and the information has been unreliable at best.

Now, though, we have some very concrete details about this new quest, as you can actually activate it on your farm (or rather, in your city). Click on this link to activate the FarmVille Promo quest in CityVille.

Upon entering CityVille (using the link above), you'll be greeted by the pop-up pictured at the top of this post. It tells entirely new CityVille players that you'll first need to complete the entire tutorial, along with naming your city in order to be eligible for the FarmVille quest. If you've never played CityVille, you'll earn a free item - the Farmgineers [pictured] - back in FarmVille for completing this quest, so it definitely is worth it.

Meet us behind the break for complete details as to how to complete this simple goal and claim your reward.