Boy, How You've Changed: Nine Big Mascot Makeovers

mascot makeover
mascot makeover

How can a company revitalize interest in its product or brand? One option: Make over its "famous face." That's what's in store for Punchy, the longtime Hawaiian Punch mascot. According to a Dow Jones report, the "very Hanna-Barbera" surfer (left pic), who was first introduced in 1961, will get a facelift in February (right pic). The goal? To make him more appealing to 13-year-olds who "live in a Pixar world."

In addition to the new three-dimensional look of Punchy, the Hawaiian Punch formula has also been revamped. Splenda will be used to cut 25% of the drink's calories.


But Punchy is not the only brand mascot to go under the "knife." From Mr. Peanut to the Sun-Maid girl, we take a look at eight more brand icons that have gotten the most major makeovers in the last few years.