Companies to Watch: Best Buy

best buy jobsIndustry: Electronics/Home Appliance

Headquarters: Richfield, Minn.

CEO: Brian Dunn

Best Buy is the largest electronics retailer in the United States. The company currently employs somewhere around 180,000 worldwide. In addition to the United States, the company has a significant presence in Canada (where some locations are known as Future Shop) as well as in China.

The company owns a collection of product- and service-based brands, which it sells through its stores, websites, and in some cases through third parties. Some of these brands include Dynex, RocketFish, Geek Squad and Magnolia Home Theaters.

Currently Best Buy is hiring for positions such as mobile sales consultant, assistant store manager, Geek Squad automotive installation technician, IT and e-commerce developer, warehouse packer and bilingual customer service representative.

I Interviewed at Best Buy

"What a job," I thought to myself. "They're getting paid to flirt and play around on a computer. I spent most of my working hours alone in a car smelling other people's food."

A Peek Into Best Buy

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