The FarmVille-ization of the Nintendo 3DS

nintendo 3ds farmville
Nintendo, the company best known for creating Mario, Donkey Kong and the Nintendo Wii, is bringing a new handheld gaming device to the market on March 27. This new $250 system, called the Nintendo 3DS, will be the first device that will let you game in 3D without having to don a pair of those not-so-fashionable 3D glasses.

In addition to letting players experience some of their favorite game franchises in glorious 3D, including The Sims, Legend of Zelda and Nintendogs (and we're sure that will include Mario at some point), there are a few FarmVille-like elements built into the system, namely a virtual currency called 'Game Coins,' which can be used to buy special items in games and apps. There's a bit of a health angle tied into this as well -- unlike FarmVille where you earn coins by planting and harvesting virtual crops, these rewards require real-life activity -- exercise. Yes, the 3DS has a pedometer built in and the more steps you take, the more Game Coins you'll be able to sock away for a virtual spending spree (the pedometer is part of the system's built-in Activity Log, which will track your steps and all of your gaming activity on the device).

nintendo 3DS activity log

Details on Game Coins are scarce right now, but much like the Wii was responsible for getting millions of gamers off the couch, it'll be interesting to see if this Nintendo device and its Game Coins will inspire more people to do the same thing.

Do you plan on buying a Nintendo 3DS in March?
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