Raunchy Student Trip Causes Outrage

A competition during a college ski trip turned so raunchy one of the event's chief sponsors has vowed to never get involved again.

Students from the United Kingdom's prestigious Oxford and Cambridge Universities were visiting the French resort Val Thorens over winter break when a friendly, good-natured contest got out of hand.

Participants were encouraged to "team up and traverse the mountain completing challenges set at various checkpoints," in a bid to win a ski holiday worth approximately $8,000, reports UK's Telegraph.

Things quickly went downhill. In one challenge, students were asked to smash an egg in "the most creative manner possible." The winning team had a member place an egg between their buttocks while another smashed it with a wine bottle. They finished the act by eating the egg.

According to the Oxford student newspaper, runners up in the contest drank each other's urine.

The winning team stripped off their clothes to pose for erotic pictures in the snow while a crowd of 500 students watched. Some had pasta sauce and chocolate smeared over their bodies.

"I sold my dignity for a free holiday," one student tells the student newspaper.

The travel marketing firm raffling off the tickets, Scott Dunn, maintains the company had no idea what the nature of the challenges were and has since distanced itself from the event.

"The organizers of the Valley Rally and Varsity Trip did not inform Scott Dunn of the nature of the challenges throughout the negotiations for sponsorship," says the company in a statement.

"Scott Dunn will be honoring the prize as per our agreement but will have no future involvement in the Varsity Trip and Valley Rally."

Advertised as the biggest student ski trip in the world, more than 2,500 students were in attendance for the December event.

Video from a typical winter break ski party at Val Thorens
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