'Model' Homes: Where Jessica Stam and Gisele Live

model homesThe term "model homes" doesn't usually conjure the residences of supermodels, but the skinniest and sexiest among us have to live somewhere. Rob at Curbed.com did some serious sleuthing to uncover revealing photos of the homes of these photogenic phenoms, including Jessica Stam (pictured left), Gisele Bündchen, Cindy Crawford, Adriana Lima, and Miranda Kerr.

With Paris Fashion Week just winding down, we thought it prudent to take a look back at some of our favorite model homes. No, not the developer one-offs; rather, the homes of supermodels,aka the globe's sexiest residents. Well, it turns out the same people that strut before cameras for a living don't tend to bring the shutterbugs to their places of residence. Camera shy as they might seen at home, we still managed to find some model homes worth a damn. Now, off to the residential runway!

Jessica Stamdoesn't yet have the blue-chip name of Gisele, Heidi Klum, or Cindy Crawford, but she just might be the next big thing. Discovered in a coffee shop in Ontario, Canada, Stam's north-country heritage doesn't show much in her calculated rise to popularity, or in her NYC digs (above). Her gut-renovated apartment, published in a past issue of Elle Decor,is finished in a pastel purple color fit for a girly girl. But it turns out young interiors guru Rafael de Cárdenas was responsible. "I had been living there for a year, and my books were still in boxes," Stam says. In fact, Cárdenas disposed of all her half-assed attempts at decorating (the only remnant was a taxidermy rattlesnake), and crafted this bachelorette pad from scratch. No word on how much she's been spending, but the rising star took home $1.5M last year andhas a house in East Hampton. Not bad for a young one.

Read more at Curbed.com.

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