I Interviewed at Marriott Hotels

marriott jobsMy name is Mackleen Gresham, I'm 25 and I have worked in hospitality for four years. When I moved to Atlanta, I wanted to try working at a hotel. I went on Craigslist and saw that the Marriott in Midtown was hiring. So I went ahead and filled out an application online from their website.

The website asked for general background information and I also uploaded my resume. Within a few days, I received a call from the front-office manager asking me to come in for an interview. I didn't have any special contacts when I applied nor did I use any special tactics. I knew my experience was enough to get me the job.

On the day of my interview I wore my all-gray pantsuit. I made sure I was stylish, since I wanted to stick out among the other applicants who wore plain black suits. I also wore this outfit because it gave me the perfect corporate look -- someone who is serious and is willing to work hard. I also wore a low-heeled pump. Underneath, I had on a white button-down blouse. I did not wear much jewelry because I didn't want to seem flashy. I thought I was dressed perfectly.

The interview process was easy. I went into the back room behind the front desk to meet with the front-desk manager. The woman interviewing me asked basic customer service questions, such as what would I do if a customer was angry or needed something and how would I go above and beyond what was expected to help a customer?

She also asked me how I handled money and if I ever worked with money. Being in retail for many years, I was able to give her examples of my management skills with money. She also asked if I ever was in trouble for mishandling money. She asked if I minded working late because of the hotel hours were 24/7, especially the front desk. She said I wouldn't have a steady schedule.

The atmosphere was fine, but I was in a small office with no windows. Her office had paperwork everywhere and nice pictures on the wall. I briefly met with a supervisor who went over a checklist of my background. That took all of five minutes, then I went back to the manager. Interestingly enough, the manager liked me so much she walked me over to human resources to meet that manager. The human-resources manager showed me around the property and gave me a little background about the company. She told me about the growth perks, discounts and the people I could be working with. I made sure I looked interested and excited about the position.

When my interview finished, I thanked both ladies and left. I went home and e-mailed the front-desk manager a thank you note.

Two days later, I received a call asking if I was interested in the position. I was very excited and quickly accepted. They scheduled a time for me to come in to fill out the rest of my paperwork and to take a drug test.

If anyone wants to work for Marriott Hotels, I think it is a great company to work for. The best way to get in the door is by showcasing your customer service skills and showing that you are flexible. Being flexible, for them, means having an open schedule and being willing to work when they need you. This company thrives on customer service, but working well with other departments is also as important. It is a well-oiled machine -- a fact made clear to me early on, all the way from the interview to the job offer.

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