FrontierVille: RewardVille items revealed in full (many re-releases included)

Over the weekend, we gave you a sneak peek of items that we assumed would be part of FrontierVille's section of Zynga's new RewardVille rewards program. For those that are unfamiliar with this upcoming program, RewardVille will reward players for their loyalty by giving them zCoins that can be spent on (mostly) exclusive rewards in all sorts of Zynga games, including FrontierVille.

In our first look, we assumed that items like the Varmint Target and Spittoon would be a part of this RewardVille program, and that was correct. FrontierVille Legend has uncovered the complete list of initial rewards being given out for the game - all three pages of them. Most of these items are entirely new, and apparently exclusive to the RewardVille program, while others (like the Crooked Target Fence or Pet Rocks are second chance items that were first given away as part of the zLotto game that look place a few months ago. There are even some items here that were originally available in the store for Horseshoes, but have since expired from the market.

There will plenty of items to choose from (22 different items to start) ranging from just 16 zCoins in price all the way up to those costing 200 zCoins. Of course, you won't be able to earn the most expensive items in a single day, but if you'd like to take a look at the complete offerings available, meet us behind the break for screenshots.