FrontierVille: Earn a free Apple Tree from the FrontierVille fan page

Just minutes ago, Zynga launched a new FrontierVille fan page giveaway on Facebook. We've seen a few of these in the past - giving away things like free Food energy items - or even a free Ox, but this time, the freebie is much more organic, and comes in the form of a free Apple Tree.

While an Apple Tree might seem like a fairly useless gift, as most established FrontierVille players have plenty of them to go around on their Homesteads, this is actually a fairly nice gift, in terms of monetary value, as you'll have to pay 800 coins to purchase a single Apple Tree from the game's marketplace (or 760 coins if you have the "Rithmatic" store discount school lesson activated on your account).

Plus, if this is anything like the free Ox we received towards the beginning of the month, it could be that we as players will need a lot of Apple Trees for a quest or mission that will be released in the near future, and that Zynga is simply trying to prepare us, or give us a silent warning. After all, the free Ox came at a time when users were preparing to sell 50 of them as part of the New Years Resolution missions. Could this be another preview of things to come, or is it just a coincidence?

Either way, you can claim your free Apple Tree by heading over to the FrontierVille fan page on Facebook, or by simply clicking on this link. Your free Apple Tree will load into your inventory the next time you play the game. Claim one fast - it will likely only be available as a freebie for a limited time.

Have you already claimed your free Apple Tree in FrontierVille? Do you think this item has any significance to a future mission, or is it just something Zynga has released to pass the time? Let us know your theories in the comments.
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