FrontierVille: Access Inventory, Missions, Collections, and more through new pop-up menu


For some time now, there's been a strange difference between the way you can access the various portions of your inventory in FrontierVille, and the way that you can access the Sell, Move, and Rotate buttons. For one, moving, selling, or rotating an object is as simple as clicking on the Arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen and quickly clicking the choice you want from the pop-up menu that appears directly above.

For everything else - your Inventory, Family Album, Badges, Collections, Gift Box, and Missions - you would first have to click on the Backpack in the bottom corner of the screen, wait for a new menu to appear in the center of the screen (a large menu, mind you, that is at times very unwilling to load at all), and then click on the particular icon you wanted, only to have to wait for its specific window to appear as well.

Melding the two together this week, Zynga is beginning a slow roll-out of an updated "Inventory Toolbar," according to FrontierVille Legend. This Inventory Toolbar functions in the exact same way as the Arrow Toolbar, in that you'll be able to click on the Backpack to instantly see a list of small icons appear above it, granting you one click (read: faster) access to your Missions menu, your inventory, your Badges, and so on. This may not seem like a huge change, but now that you'll have to load one less window to complete many tasks in the game, it should save everyone a bit of time overall.

Again, while most users already have the updated Backpack icon (with the small arrow in the top right corner of the icon), the actual toolbar that pops up above it may not be available to you just yet. Be patient, however, and it will come to you in time.

[Image Credit: FrontierVille Legend]

What do you think of this new change? Do you have the new toolbar on your Homestead already? What do you think of the convenience it provides? Let us know in the comments.