First-ever Facebook game soundtrack released

nightclub city soundtrack
nightclub city soundtrack

Movie soundtracks have been popular, like, forever, and in the past decade or so -- video game soundtracks have also come into their own --- so much that they've spawned a traveling show called Video Games Live that features nothing but game music played by a live orchestra.

Now Facebook games seem to be getting into the soundtrack business, as Booyah's Nightclub City releases a soundtrack -- called 'Drop the Bass: Original Music from Nightclub City' which features songs gathered from online music community Indaba Around 1,000 songs were submitted to be include on the soundtrack (and in the game), and the 10 on the album were the big winners. The album can be purchased for $10 on iTunes and on the Indaba Music web site.

If you're not familiar with Nightclub City on Facebook, this social game lets you try your hand at running your own virtual nightclub. You have to keep patrons happy by keeping the drinks flowing and the party going -- which includes spinning records that features songs from real-life indie artists. (All of the music is of the 'dance' variety, so if you're not down with tunes designed to make you groove, this might not be your thing). The game has about 3.6 million monthly players right now, according to AppData, and has been on a steady decline in the recent months -- will the soundtrack keep players coming back for more? Even if it doesn't, it's still can be seen as a sign that Facebook games are coming into their own. First a soundtrack and then ... Nightclub City: The Movie? OK, maybe not.