FarmVille Valentine's Day Animals: Valentine Cow & Valentine Duck


As part of tonight's official introduction of the Valentine's Day theme in FarmVille, we see the launch of two new (and incredibly adorable) heart-themed animals. We've brought you a sneak peek of these in the past, but it's great to see them finally available in the store.

The two animals are the Valentine Cow and the Valentine Duck. Both of these animals are premium, meaning that you'll have to be willing to spend some Farm Cash in order to add their lovely patterns to your farm - but who are we kidding? They're so cute, they can melt your heart even while staying in the store! The Valentine Cow costs 24 Farm Cash, and can be harvested once daily to earn 30 coins in the process, while the Valentine Duck costs 16 Farm Cash, and rewards you with 1600 experience points for your purchase. It can be harvested every two days for 45 coins each time.

Both of these animals will only be available in the game for the next 13 days, but since that doesn't even get us to Valentine's Day proper, you can expect to see many more Valentine's Day themed goodies released in the game in the meantime, and we'll be sure to let you know when they're available.

Which of these two animals will you add to your farm, or will you join me in purchasing both? Let us know in the comments.