FarmVille Valentine Trees: Giant Bubblegum and Pink Bubblegum Trees


As we showed you a few days ago in a FarmVille Sneak Peek, Zynga has been hard at work on some limited edition trees that are now part of the new Valentine's Day theme in the game. These two trees are mostly alike, except in size (and therefore price).

The two trees are the Giant Bubblegum tree and the Pink Bubblegum tree. The Pink Bubblegum tree, being the smaller of the two, costs just 5 Farm Cash, while the Giant Bubblegum tree costs 30 Farm Cash. It's likely that the Pink Bubblegum tree is the level 1 tree in this equation, and that you'll be able to earn Giant Bubblegum trees will show up as Mystery Seedlings from these when placed in Orchards. This hasn't been confirmed, but we'll let you know if it turns out otherwise.

Both trees come with the same stats, aside from price. You'll earn 15 experience points for purchasing each of them, and you'll be able to harvest them every two days to earn 150 coins in the process. They will both only be available to purchase in the store for the next five days.

Which of these is the better tree - the bigger, or the smaller? Let us know which one you plan on purchasing in the comments.