FarmVille Limited Time Crop: Fire & Ice Roses


Released for the first time last year, the Fire & Roses crop has made a comeback to FarmVille in time for the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday. As you might expect, this re-release of the Fire & Ice Roses is only for a limited time, with users having 27 days to plant and harvest as many of them as they'd like.

The Fire & Ice Roses can be purchased for 100 coins per square, and are ready to harvest in eight hours. Harvested Fire & Ice Roses offer 190 coins in return, and you'll earn 2 experience points for each of the roses that you plant. For those with really good memories, this is a complete overhaul of the crop's stats from last Valentine's Day, as they cost more to plant last year, took longer to grow, and gave off more experience points in the process.

These lovely roses (arguably the prettiest flower in the game) can be mastered, with the first star of mastery being earned after 650 harvests. Remember, there is another limited edition crop currently in the store, in the form of the Goji Berries, so if you're the kind that likes to master all limited edition crops, plan your time accordingly to have enough time to master both before they expire from the store.

Will you try to master the Fire & Ice Roses this Valentine's Day season (I know I will!)? Let us know in the comments.