FarmVille Holiday Tree now a Free Gift; harvest the holidays again

Holiday Tree is free
Holiday Tree is free

You heard right, folks. If you missed out on the elusive Holiday Tree in FarmVille when it was around during the Christmas season, Zynga is giving you another chance. The Holiday Tree was originally a gift available through, which suffered several acceptance issues and not many players even saw one. So, now you can spread the cheer all over again.

The Holiday Tree takes three days to harvest for 33 coins. To master it, you'll need to harvest it 450 times total, which means owning just would take years to master. Literally. So, take this chance to make an Orchard of Holiday Trees and get that thing mastered. How could you pass this up--it's basically free money.

[Via FarmVille Freak]

Have you collected an Orchard's worth of Holiday Trees yet? What item would you like to see made as a Free Gift next? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.