Dragons of Atlantis for Facebook unleashes the Dragons' Attack

Dragons of Atlantis
Dragons of Atlantis

Alright, so it's not a Kraken, but no one can deny the cool factor of dragons. Kabam, the Redwood City, Calif.-based social game developer behind Kingdoms of Camelot, has released a brand new feature to its most recent game, Dragons of Atlantis. Called "Dragon Attack," this new option allows players to specifically target which of their enemies gets the extra crispy treatment from our favorite fire-breathers.

Dragons of Atlantis embodies Kabam's recent strategic (no pun intended) focus on massively multiplayer strategy games on Facebook. Like its previous games, players in Dragons of Atlantis are given one week in real time to build their kingdoms and their armies for an all out war for control of Atlantis against their fellow players. The linchpin of your defense in the game has always been the dragons, but with the new Dragon Attack, you can take dragons to the enemy before they know what hit them.

"Dragons of Atlantis is a dynamic world where player choice affects how the fight for Atlantis will unfold," said Andrew Sheppard, Kabam CPO. "The game design reflects Kabam's commitment to developing massively multiplayer social games on social networks by combining deep, immersive gameplay with the social connectivity and interaction provided by social platforms."

For the uninitiated, Dragons of Atlantis is surely an impressive feat on Facebook with large-scale battles occurring in real time against other players. But be prepared for a literal week's worth of preparation before you can leap into the fray. If you're already a fan of Dragons of Atlantis, executive producer Nathan Germish hints at city outposts and a new class of dragon that are on the way.

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