Carnival Cruise Ship Rescues Men and Cat

Three men and a cat were rescued from their Florida-based boat by the Carnival Valor cruise ship, after sending out a distress signal about 12 miles off the coast of Cuba.

"They were shining mirrors to let us know they were in distress," says Carl Ray, a cruise ship passenger who managed to capture the dramatic weekend rescue on video.

"Their boat started spinning, and they had another little dinghy boat that was attached to their boat, and so it was kind of whipping them around, says another passenger, describing the rescue to WSVN news.

The boat, the Naples, Fla.-based Wasafiri, was en route to Mexico from Key West, when it got into trouble.

"The rope and that toe-eye tangled up in one propeller which seriously limited our power, and it eventually got tangled in our rudder," owner Wes Demott, who was onboard with two friends, tells NBC-2.

Demott, who lived on the boat, says he likely won't see the vessel or any of his belongings again, but he says he's thankful to be back on dry land.

The men and cat were all taken onboard the Valor, according to Carnival Cruise Lines. No one was injured in the incident.

"At the end of the day it is just stuff. Valuable stuff, but stuff," Demott says.

In an odd coincidence, there are reports Demott is a fiction writer who was working on a book about a man rescued at sea by a cruise ship.

Carnival says in a statement the Valor was returning to the Port of Miami from a seven-day Caribbean cruise when it received the distress call and came to the small craft's rescue. The cruise ship later returned to port as scheduled.

(Fran Golden contributed to this report.)

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